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this video was filmed by a man called george bierwick in plymouth england. The story behind this video, is the man had just picked up some beers from tesco and walk about to walk home when he spotted a clown directly in his path, so he decided to get his camera out and film was happens. So he proceeds to pull a beer out of the pack and approach the clown, where there is an almost mini stand off for 10 seconds or so, until he decides he has had enough of the clown and chases it away. Its pretty crazy how this trend has now made its way across to the uk.

This video shows a man who was approached by a clown in his own back garden by a clown holding some balloons and an object that appears to resemble a knife. Supposedly the man had seen the clown whilst taking a brief bike ride around his neighbourhood, standing next to a wooded area in the vicinity of a cemetery. Within half an hour of being home and relaxing he says that his dog began to bark, which prompted him to look outside his window only to see a clown in his backyard. Fortunately the man is ok, but this msn have been a scary ordeal.

This video took place in houston, america. The video shows a group of people driving down an empty ally at night. they then spot what they believe to be a clown ahead of them in the road, and you can hear the terror in their voices as the car abruptly comes to a stop and the clown begins walking towards them. Soon after this one of the passengers jumps out of the car and hits the clown with a baseball bat & they quickly flee the area thinking the ordeal is over, but when they return to the area, they see the clown again running down the road to wards them and it jumps on the back of their car, which is when the video ends. I think this video shows just ow quickly things can get out of hand.

This video was apparently aimed in east texas and the people in this video were filming each hither skateboarding and whatnot, and everything appears to be normal. Until they turn around and see a clown walking from behind some trees towards them. as a group they then decide to chase after it, but as they approach the clown, it runs across the cemetery and out of sight, leaving the group perplexed as to what they had just seen. There then search the area for a bit longer and yet again they see the clown, but do probably the more sensible things and get out of the area.

This video took place in california & was filmed by a guy called evan thmpson and was uploaded to faebook. The video take place at nighttime on a pretty much deserted road, the 2 friends spot something in font of them on the side of the road and begin filming, but as they get closer they realise that the thing in the distance was actually a clown. They are both baffled by what they have just seen but before white know it, the clown begins running towards them chasing their car. And this video stops, you can only imagine just how freaked out you’d be in this situation.

video music: Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/ )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

first picture by zixer

outro by zixer

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