Creepy Clown Tries to Kidnap Toddler from Mother’s Arms

“A man dressed in a clown suit attempted to kidnap a one-year-old girl from her mother’s arms while the duo were seated at a bus stop in Concord, California, around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

“He was smiling at her, sitting there with us,” the mother said of the clown, according to Bay Area News Station KRON4And then he grabbed her hand. He said ‘awwww’ and he tried to pull. Once he grabbed. And I pulled back and I kicked the sh*t out of him,” she said.

The clown man reportedly ran away and she called 911.

Concord Police arrived on scene, but the man had fled the scene on foot. He is described as a white male with blue eyes and wearing a partial clown costume, including a blue wig, a rainbow and a polka dot suit, but with tennis shoes and without a painted face.

The incident took place at Willow Pass Road and Waterworld Parkway. Officers are now reportedly searching the area for the clown.” – Adelle Nazarian


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