Evil Doll Annabelle mailed to us FREAKS US OUT and haunts us like a SCARY CLOWN – Best of 4

Evil Doll Annabelle mailed to us FREAKS US OUT and haunts us like a SCARY CLOWN – Best of 4

Jayden gets a special delivery in the mail only to find out there is a spooky creepy scary doll inside that wants to scare and haunt him.
We have no idea who sent this doll to us. Annabelle Higgins is the one who mailed it to us. We don’t know her or why she would want to make Jayden so scared. And now she follows us to the park and almost chokes Jayden to death. And now she is back for a third time! She is at the cemetery grave yard and she is chasing us again! She is hiding in the grave stones and jump scaring us. And now Jayden is trying to play Frisbee and has no chance with her haunting him like a ghost. And now she has us cornered at an old abandoned train station and ghost town. We just want this doll to leave us alone! We find an old man named Randy who leads us to the old broken down trains where there we find Annabelle and she isn’t happy! Now she has followed us back to another park and chase Jayden around the kids play areas and all over the park. She is acting like a bad bad baby. Help us think of a way to get rid of her. People have told us to burn her with a hot knife or chop off her head or drop her at someone else’s house. What do you think we should do with this devil doll? And now in Part 7 she has followed us to the beach and haunts us once again only to be fooled into sticking to a para glider for the ride of her life! Don’t come back evil baby doll! Now in part 8 Jayden has called for the clown It to help him. He calls It from his magic shell he got at the beach. Now It will try and help us trap Annabelle in a box and mail her back. Once again when we thought she was gone she is back in Part 9 and chasing Jayden around the trails by the spooky old lake. Now in part 10 she is back to bother Jayden when he calls for It the clown to help him get rid of her for good! Watch as Annabelle gets choked by the killer clown. Jayden just wants to play with his Lego’s but she has to bother his Kids vlog video.Now in Part 11 she is back again after It got rid of her! She shows up on a scary road in the bag we left her in! She also hurts grandpa really bad and the fixes his arm from pain. Part 13 she is back and she is inside GTA 5 and attacking Jayden. It the clown is here to save the day with a Fidget Spinner Trap! Hope this works! Now in part 14 It the clown has kidnapped grandpa and put him in the closet! Jayden will open some toys and try and fool her with some 711 fidget spinners. Part 15 Jayden has his buddy Keegan over and tells him all about this evil scary haunting by a doll name Annabelle. Now in Part 16 she teaches all Jayden and his friends that they are not safe anywhere from her terror. Part 17 now she followed us to Walmart and Jayden wants to make a over night fort in Walmart to hide from her. He finds some cool fidget spinners made by Vibe. Now in part 18 We have found that the closet is a secret portal to another dimension where Chucky has come through to help Annabelle haunt Jayden or is he hear to kill her? Part 19 Chucky and Annabelle follow Jayden to Walmart and Jayden hides in a fort. Part 20 Chucky and It have a fight in the kitchen. Now in part 21 we speak to Annabelle in the mirror! Part 23 they both are at the park! Part 24 Jayden gets lost in the closet portal and Annabelle calls grandpa on the phone. Now Jayden is brought back by It and the boys get chased more! Now in 26 we are doing the 3 am challenge.
Part 27 we are back at 3 AM to find Chucky! In 28 she follows us inside Hello Neighbor! Part 29 Chucky is in the mirror and Annabelle is chasing Larry the cat! Part 32 she is in FNAF ROBLOX GAME. Part 33 she wont leave us alone! She follows us to the mountain. Part 34 she is back in Walmart with us! Part 35 Chucky and Annabelle are in the TV! Part 36 they both are at Walmart to haunt Jay! Part 37 They are gone…so we think. Now part 38 There back! Best of 3. Part 39 She has Jaydens Soul again! Part 40 Chucky invades! Part 41 Chucky is under the blanket! Part 42 Annabelle love Walmart we think! Part 43 so much has happened! It attacks me and Chucky haunts me and chases me! Part 44 Jayden shoots Chucky! 45 is CHAOS! Part 46 Chucky steals the car and leaves us at the park! Best of 4

*This is just a skit not real* No one was hurt.

Music By:
Evening of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300041
Artist: http://incompetech.com/


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