Girl Cuts Finger Prank – Killer Clown Scare Tactics Worry Girls and Dad

Some unseen video footage of when the killer clown broke into our basement stealing our property. Teen girl pulls a prank on her dad by making it seem like she cut her finger with a knife while making lunch. It has been too windy to fly the drone today so hopefully we can fly it tomorrow. Dad hears a sound coming from downstairs and it causes some family tension. Dad goes in the basement to search for what has come through the basement doors. First thought was it had to be that scary killer clown coming back to stalk us or steal more items. Dad talks about why he ended up walking away from the scary clown after he tackled the clown down. We are hopeful that this clown problem will not interfere with the holidays. We start having different thoughts about the creepy clown and we are confused.


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