Killer Clown Scare Prank August 2015 (Prank Gone Wrong Almost Got Shot)

Killer Clown Scare Prank (Prank Gone Wrong Almost Got Shot)
This is a killer clown scare prank in the hood, this prank goes horribly wrong when a guy pulls a gun on the pranksters and they were almost shot. This video was submitted by Prankstasy (Previously known limitlessTV) this video was a collaboration between Prankstasy and Provin TV.
This killer clown scare Halloween prank in the hood is a crazy prank, scaring people and they run away for their lives, however one guy has a gun and pulls this gun on the prankster (the person playing the killer clown), this scares the pranksters a lot since they were almost shot!
Every single person in this video gave permission to use their face in our video except for the guy with the gun who almost shot them for this scary clown prank. This was a crazy prank and this prank was super scary.
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*Don’t Try This SCARE PRANK*

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