Scary Killer Clown Attacks Kids Caught On Video! Creepy Clown Takes Romeo Away! (Pt. 2 SKIT)

WELCOME TO CurlyKidzTV! Hope we didn’t scare you too much! Curly The Creepy Clown is back and he’s looking for trouble. Help the curly kids find out what this crazy killer clown wants from them. Angel needs help getting Romeo back after he’s taken away by Curly. What will it take to get Romeo back from the clown? Maybe he wants to take over or steal all of their toys. Could it be any scarier? We’ll find out soon! Lets us know down below what challenge or skit you would like to see next. See you next time!

Also find out if we have mystery bag of the day and whats inside it!
Is it Play-doh, Disney Cars 3, Candy, a Disney Toy, Wonderball, Legos, Blind Bags, Minecraft, Funko Pop, Fidget, Colors, Balloons, Takis, TMNT, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, Kinder Surprise, SpiderMan, Batman, Peppa Pig, Winnie The Pooh, frozen, nemo, Teletubbies, hulk, Hello Kitty, Shopkins, Mickey Mouse or more Surprise Eggs?
Join us and see whats inside!
Lots of fun and excitement!
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Scary Horror Music By: Ross Bugden


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