Scary Killer Clown Stalker At Our House Again! Making Slime With Friends

Shopping for new things for my bedroom. These scary clown scare tactics may be from teenage boys. Prank or a stalker? Seems after dad posted a video making a joke about scary clowns later we discover there was a stalker or scary killer clown prankster who was hiding in our backyard looking into the back window behind the porch. This stalker comes back again but dad has something of his now so this may put an end to this problem. We have been living in our new house near the beach since June 5th 2017 so this is supposed to be a fresh start without any stalkers bothering us. Enjoying a brief swim after they fixed the swimming pool. Shopping for new furniture for my bedroom and shopping before the Labor Day weekend. We have fun making homemade slime with our new friends in our new neighborhood.


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