Scary Killer Clown Steals Fidget Spinner and Sends Creepy Videos Texts

We go out for a swim in the swimming pool then this scary killer clown breaks in our house and steals a fidget spinner from off our kitchen table. He then stalks us through the security cameras and sends us creepy text messages and videos. Jeff the class clown has been stalking us and texting us for the last week and this has made everyone angry. He must have stolen someone’s Pennywise costume.

No one is talking and we are all suspicious. This could be a real stalker so dad has bought new locks for the doors. More fun and scary family reality vlogs coming.

Dad explains spoofing and how the scary clown was calling from other people’s phone numbers.

Link to our new channel called All4TubeKids Scary Vlogs

If you want to tell this scary clown how you feel since his phone is broken you can see his channel TheClassClown

We will be posting more funny and scary pranks and fun challenges like always.


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