Why are Clowns so Scary?

New for 2016 – “The Scariest Haunted House in America!”


From Pennywise to Creepo, why are we so scared of clowns? Check out the first episode of Scare U, presented by The ScareHouse – http://www.scarehouse.com

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Dr. Margee Kerr, who holds a doctorate degree in sociology, has studied the science of fear for years, and has been sharing her expertise with The ScareHouse since 2008. In the Scare U series, she invites us to go deeper into fear, discovering how our brains and bodies are reacting to the things that scare us. (c) 2012 Undead Productions, Inc.

The ScareHouse has been named as one of America’s scariest Halloween Attractions by Travel Channel and ranked as one of the country’s best haunted houses by USA Today and Haunted Attraction magazine. http://www.scarehouse.com


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